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Next Level Social Gaming


Next Level Social Gaming

ESC Games has developed the next video game platform — a proprietary gaming system where dozens of players compete in casual games and short eSports-style competitions in the same venue. ESC Games brings dozens of players together in mini-eSports arenas.

We have built the hardware infrastructure, including custom touchscreen controllers, software and an initial portfolio of ten games, plus an additional two games developed by Warner Bros. 

ESC Games is a pioneer in the gaming and entertainment space, comprised of an operational product business that designs and constructs the ESC Game Theater, the company’s inaugural product, as well as the ESC Game Studio to develop games.  

Two leading global companies came together to incubate and launch ESC Games. One founding partner group, ESI Design, builds immersive, technically advanced social experiences for museums, global events and corporate headquarters. The other, Production Resource Group (PRG), manages audio-visual for Olympic ceremonies, Super Bowl halftime shows, and major concerts. 

ESI Design

ESI Design is an experience design firm that creates environments utilizing games and interactivity. 


PRG is the world’s leading supplier of entertainment and event technology.

Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is a leading worldwide publisher
of video games.



ESC Games

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